Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Calling Paul from Oxford

On Peter Schiff's latest radio podcast (10th June), in which he reckons the UK is up the chuff, he took a call from a 'Paul' from 'Oxford in the UK'.

Good questions, Paul. (Whoever you are.)

Basically, the Schiffmeister said that Britain is up the chuff, will almost certainly fold the pound into the euro - which he said would be a good thing for Britain! - but that we weren't as badly off as the Americans (though a lot worse off than anywhere else).

It's worth a listen. Especially for the bit with 'Paul'. (And no, it wasn't me. Though I would be interested to find out who it was, so if you're reading Paul, please do say hello in a comment to those of us labouring under giant glasses of Pimms down here in the south of Oxfordshire.)

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