Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gordon Brown's purge will leave us with MPs fit only for a call-centre

The excellent Benedict Brogan writes a withering piece on the mendacity of Gordon Brown and his probably successful attempt to turn the House of Commons into a 'Socialist-Only' gravy shop for greedy little lickspittles.

What's interesting about the article though is its usual tone of 'Democracy is being dissolved before our eyes', that you find in most newspapers.

The exact opposite is true. We were probably freest in the modern period of this country's history between the period of the Napoleonic Wars and the Crimean War. The British state flowered in the fight against Napoleon, instituting the first income tax to do so. Thankfully, when the Corsican Megalomaniac ran out of bodies to murder, British freedom lovers destroyed the income tax and the state withered away again, until it used the miserable excuse of the preposterous Crimean War to re-institute the horrible income tax.

This tax then helped grow the state up to its current appalling levels of interference.

The period in-between these two wars was the most amazing one in history for the growth of the industrial revolution, the incredible growth in wealth of the ordinary English person, and the progression in education and science. An age like this will never return until we abandon the state once more, and wither it down, hopefully to absolutely nothing this time to prevent its re-emergence.

So how did the state manage to re-grow and then get us into the stupid Crimean War, which it then used as a lever to re-introduce the further leverage of the hated income tax?

It was through democracy, and James Mill's successful instigation of the various plebiscite acts, throughout the 19th century, which spread democracy ever more successfully, taking Britain from the purely private property society it almost became. The rest, as they say, is history, with ever more democracy leading to ever more freedoms being stolen, regulations being imposed, and taxation being heaped upon the ordinary people to feed the ever-growing tax eating class.

Brown's emasculation of parliament isn't in spite of democracy, it is because of democracy. And when the state lowers the voting age to 16, this process is going to get even worse.

As an aside, perhaps we would be better placing Parliament in a cheap Hindustan call centre and populating it with 646 locals called 'Sam', 'CJ', 'Jenny', and 'Susan'. They would be polite, take our calls with interest, and then send us nice letters saying how much they valued our concerns. Would this be any worse than the current emasculated Parliament and its hundreds of back-bench voting fodder turds? It would certainly be a lot cheaper, as they'd all be locals on much lower wages than the Westminster crew, and the expenses would be minimal. They would be happy. We would be happy. I think this is an idea whose time has come.

I commend this proposition to the House.

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