Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Now even the Guardian lays the boot into Brown


When even the tax-eaters' representatives on the Guardian are attacking the tax-eater-in-chief, then you know the end must be nigh.

So when will somebody in the Labour Party stand up with enough red blood in their veins to actually tell this Stalinist monster, to his face, that time's up?

Straw bottled it. Miliband bottled it. Even Blears can't bring herself to do it. Are they all waiting for him to have a stroke, just like Stalin, before they dare tackle the evil controller within their midst?

Just what hypnotic hold does Brown have over the rest of these no-hopers? They can't all be closet homosexuals with embarrassing photographs in his scrap book, can they?

There is one Labour man, however, with the cojones to do it though, someone who has hated Brown for many, many years.

Expect Charles Clarke to be handed the hatchet soon, in a Last Alliance of Men and Elves, to drag this obnoxious Sauron out of the gated Mordor of Downing Street. It won't be pretty and the screams will be heard up and down the land. But for the sake of everyone else in the country, it is now absolutely necessary.

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