Saturday, June 20, 2009

And so to Dubai again...

As I seem to be making most of my money in the UAE these days, I wish I could pay my taxes there, rather than to the odious occupant of Downing Street, but we're working on that.

I must say though, thanks to the crackpot quisling policies of US satraps, Blair and Brown, it is rather unsettling flying into Iranian airspace twice in a week, when the supreme leader of Iran has just told his followers to declare 'Death to the UK'.

It shall be a happy day when I can finally burn my UK passport and replace it with one from Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Singapore, or one of the other tiny Hoppeian islands of property rights, peace, and freedom, or even one Utopian day burn all of my passports and all other government licensing, tax, and regulatory strangulation.

Oh happy day.

You think that unlikely? Well, in 1975 did you think that the Soviet Union would collapse overnight in just a few years? Did you think you'd be able to carry around over 10,000 songs and 50 movies in your pocket? Or did you think the world would be in a complete galloping hysteria about plastic bags and what the temperature might be in a hundred years?

One hundred and fifty years ago, Karl Marx sat in a room in London with less than 100 followers. The powerful authoritarian governments of that time considered him a crackpot, with many of them actively seeking his arrest and imprisonment. Thanks to the freedoms of a mainly property-rights-based Britain, he was able to work unmolested as a single man at his desk in the British Library.

Now, just 150 years later, his crackpot policies generated in that library form the bedrock law of virtually every western government.

Everything that is possible is achievable. That's certainly what they believe in Dubai, one of the lowest tax societies in the world. It will certainly be nice to see how they're getting on with 'The Burj', the tallest building in the world, situated where thirty years ago there was nothing but sand dunes.

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Paul said...

Have a safe trip, maybe you can meet with our friend Riyad while you are there. We all met at PFS.