Friday, June 05, 2009

The Labourgraph descends further into fascism

As well as refusing to publish comments from Maturin Towers any longer, the Daily Labourgraph is for some strange reason, probably related to the Barclay Brothers takeover, still on a long slide into socialism, at a time when the writing is on the wall for this horrible state-worshipping religion.

Witness the horrible nanny-state article by Melanie McDonagh, below:

=> MMR refuseniks are getting a free ride

In this piece, Ms McDonagh posits that all parents who refuse to allow their child to be filled with organomercury compounds, via the MMR vaccine, should be 'banned' from being allowed to use state schools for their children.

Well, obviously, this is actually a good thing, because the less children who are subjected to government-controlled brainwashing, the better. But does Ms McDonagh suggest that all of these parents be handed back the tax which they are currently forced to pay out to fund these schools, so that they can make their own arrangements?

Of course she doesn't, because in the mind of a socialist, all resources belong to the state, and what the state lets us keep we should be grateful for, rather than be churlish about.

Never mind all of those childless people, or those who send their children to private schools, who also should receive back all of their compulsory tax payments for a state education 'service' they never receive.

No, Ms McDonagh has this entirely the wrong way about. The real free riders are those socialists who like state education and who would actually choose to use a government school, even if they had to pay for it from their own resources. Let us turn the spotlight on them, for a change, and the way in which everyone else is forced to subsidise their free-riding preferences.

By the way, if you do read the article linked to above, make sure you read the comments, most of which are thoroughly sensible and which point out Ms McDonagh's fascism, which hopefully will thoroughly annoy and anger this horrible woman.

UPDATE: Staggering news. I edited the above diatribe to make it fairly neutral, and posted it on the above-linked article as a comment. It appears the moderators have got slack again because they let it through. Remarkable.

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