Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dead tyrant walking - Guido goes in for the kill

With an old Mandelson email sent to the Mail newspaper group, to ignite the proceedings with a devastating critique of the Glorious Leader, Guido Fawkes has nailed Gordon Brown into his sights for the McBride treatment.

The next few days should therefore provide much merriment for the libertarians of England, under Wing Commander Fawkes. Let us see if the angry and insecure Brown can resist the onslaught.

Personally, I think Brown will be gone by Wednesday. Admittedly, this unelected crustacean is a persistent barnacle, so he may even last all the way up to next year, but from now on his life is going to become an ever-ratcheting tale of misery, which hopefully will become unendurable, even for this revolting liar, with the old phrase of "being in office but not in power" becoming truer ever day.

In the meantime, feel no sympathy for this unelected klutz, because he will still keep robbing your wallet, restricting your life, and stealing your liberties, right up until the moment he goes.

Expect joyous celebrations in England, when he does, with champagne corks popping in a million homes. By the way, fear ye not if you should see a man running half-naked down the streets of Henley shouting "Eureka" and swathed in the flag and cross of St George.

That will just be me heading to the off-license for a particularly large bottle of fizz.


Paul said...

Nah, Brown leaving means that place is freed up for a new a***ole.

See how the democratic process has captured you. Although nothing will change policy wise, you will be celebrating.

Jack Maturin said...

Paul, you're completely right. And I fully agree that having Cameron as PM will not make a blind bit of difference to the enormous goverment monster that rules this country.

Politcians are nothing but changeable window-dressing for the real rulers, the tens of thousands of apparatchiks who have million pounds in their pension pots, the hundreds of thousands of civil servants, and the millions of other assorted hangers-on.

But we must take some pleasure from life, otherwise we will become very grey and bitter indeed.

And I will take pleasure from seeing a bloated tyrant swept into th gutter, if only to teach other such nascent tyrants what happens to such people.

It particularly sickens me that when he does go, he will take with him a multi-million pound pension pot, and probably within a few months we will see him pop up in a tax-fed job hidden behind even more layers of defensive bureaucracy, such as in the EU or in the World Bank.

So, point taken. But please just grant me a day's pleasure of seeing Brown humiliated, before we begin the necessary work of also destroying Cameron, the moment he gets control of the train set.

Paul said...

You are of course right too, I would feel the same way if we had such an monster.

I just wish that someone would throw some rotten tomatoes or least cake on his general direction before he left office. THAT would be entertainment! I wonder what would he do, will he smile his idiotic smile or go mad or what?

Jack Maturin said...

Yes, he'll smile that 'child molester caught in moonlight' smile, and he already is completely mad, so it would be be hard to go madder without your head blowing off.

Perhaps that is what will happen! ;-)

Though I think cash will determine this, as Bonson Jorris pointed out this morning.

With Labour getting 15.6% in the Euro elections, most Labour MPs will figure they are going to lose their seats anyway, so they may as well hang on with Brown to pick up another year's pension, salary, and expenses, plus get a year to figure out what tax-eating job to pick up next.

Not that they're being entirely selfish, of course. Because no socialist ever thinks of themself before everyone else.