Thursday, June 18, 2009

The state rolls ever on - The destruction of more freedom

Speaking of Ms Rowling, as I've mentioned before I think it's quite telling that at the end of the 'Deathly Hallows', the greatest marker of Voldemort's fascism is his planned imposition of compulsory state education and the banning of the freedom of wizard parents to educate their children in any way they wish, including by keeping them at home.

To my mind, I agree with Ms Rowling. This IS the great marker of fascism, with Hitler himself banning home education in 1938.

So it comes as no surprise that the British State, despite its political dancing act almost falling off the stage in the last few months, and with Brown barricaded into the Berlin Bunker moving non-existent divisions around his Government Monopoly Board, is going to plough on with another 'initiative' to deny children the right to be kept out of the clutches of the state's thought police, in the state-regulated education system.

The repulsive Hitler lookalike, Ed Balls, in a fit of pique in not being made Chancellor, has announced that he is to start forcing parents to be examined by hostile bureaucrats if they dare to show the temerity of not shovelling their children's bodies and minds into the state-regulated thought police system.

No doubt, once this measure is instituted, mission creep will finally end up with home education being banned completely, and some soon-to-be-molested children being kidnapped into 'state care', especially those whose parents defy the 'authorities'. (Though who gave them this 'authority' to rule our lives, I don't know.)

You would think, wouldn't you, that with the Labour government falling apart by the day, that it would be pouring forth only measures that everyone loves, such as 'Kindness to Puppies' day, or tax cuts, or regulation cuts, but no, the marching hatred of the state towards the people who sustain it goes ever on.

Voldemort is actually a joke. For real evil, just try entering the future mad-eyed rancid dreams of Ed 'So What?' Balls and his lying puck-faced wife, Yvette 'LeStrange' Cooper, the King and Queen of the House of Commons expenses system.

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Andrew said...

"with Hitler himself banning home education in 1938" - it's still illegal in Germany and strongly discouraged in Belgium, AFAIK