Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Geoff Hoon behaves like a Hoon, Shock

Yes, they really are all at it, including Geoff Hoon, perhaps the greatest scraper of allowances in the whole of the House of Commons, which is really saying something.

=> MPs' expenses: Geoff Hoon claimed on two homes at the same time

How these Hoons can retire as millionaires with large property portfolios, after an entire lifetime spent doing nothing except re-branding Karl Marx as hot air, or perhaps writing the odd Guardian puff piece, is no longer a mystery, of course. But even so, the outright thievery that has gone on is still simply astonishing.

Has Gordon 'Micawber' Brown not sacked half his cabinet yet? Has he not called a General Election yet?

Why not? What exactly is he hanging on for? The second coming of Christ? I don't think even that would help, such is the low opinion of these millenial socialists.

I watched the BBC's Newsnight programme last night, for the first time in a while and even old Jezzer Paxo was excoriating in his destruction of Alistair Darling and the whole wrecking crew. Unfortunately, Harriet Harperson was brought on to defend the government, which meant I had to turn the television off immediately for fear of putting a brick through it, but if even old Jeremy 'Call me a Closet Pinko' Paxman is putting the boot in, then Labour really are in trouble.

Check out the first couple of minutes of the following programme introduction for more entertainment:


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