Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sky News: Jacqui Smith to be booted out as Home Secretary

Sky News has just reported on TV that they are certain that Jacqui Smith is to be booted out as Home Secretary, on Friday. I think it's time for that Marco Tardelli moment again! :-)

Well, at least we now know how Brown is going to deal with the problem of having Darling on the back benches.

Gordon will be desperate to prevent a 'Geoffrey Howe' moment, so AngloAustria's prediction is that Darling will be offered the Home Office, to keep him quiet, when he is sacked from the Treasury.

But here's the thing. Smith is about to be sacked because of her house flipping and dubious expenses. But she is going to be booted out to the outer darkness on the back benches. However Darling is about to be sacked because of his house flipping and dubious expenses. But he's going to be moved to another highly-paid position deep within the government? (This is mainly because he knows where all of Brown's bodies are buried, whereas Smith doesn't even know where her husband is watching gay porn movies on the taxpayers' tab.)

It hardly smacks of fairness, from Brown, a man who prides himself on 'social justice'. Or is it merely because Brown is a hopeless basket case and his entire government is in complete meltdown and disarray?

And here's another thing, while we're on the subject. Why is the Labour party going into an election and then holding it's reshuffle after the election? Surely the honest thing to do would be to reshuffle first, then campaign, so that the voters can see what they're voting for?

Sorry. Got mixed up with 'honesty' and 'politics' there. It won't happen again.

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