Friday, June 19, 2009

There's no hiding place for shifty politicians in this YouTube age

Speaking of the lying obfuscating dissembling evil death-eating puck-faced witch, Yvette Cooper, The Jeffster decides to lay into her too in his column today. I thought this piece was so good I would trawl up the best two YouTubes the Jeffster mentions, purely for your (and my) amusement:

Here's my favourite; Yvette Cooper grilled by Andrew Neil on UK debt - Fantastic!:

A close runner-up with El Paxo himself, Jezzer Paxman; Yvette Cooper on Gordon's 10p tax U-turn - Skewered, one doesn't sympathise!:

How does this mendacious liar look at herself in the mirror each day, especially waking up next to Hitler-lookalike Ed Balls? Perhaps nobody in the Cabinet dares have mirrors in their houses, or they're all smashed up like the serial killer's house in 'Red Dragon'?

Maybe that's the new nickname we should apply to Ms Cooper? Or is that her husband Ed?

Ed Balls, yesterday

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