Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Labour MPs to Oust PM

Sky News breaking story on plot by back bench Labour MPs to oust the Prime Mentalist.

Round up of the day, below:


Anonymous said...

The chances are next to zero however if you look closely at Osbourne he is clearly on something. Whether he has been smoking it, chewing it or injecting it I think he should let us all know what it is rather than keep it to himself.

Jack Maturin said...

I just don't know what these Labour backbenchers are afraid of.

It really is like the bunker in 1945, with hundreds of intelligent men and women afraid of telling Der Fuhrer that the game was up and the Russians were outside.

There is some primitive tribal force at work, involving loyalty to the Godhead.

But for the good of the country we need this tyrant removed.

Let us hope the electoral results go so badly today for Labour, that Brown's position becomes absolutely untenable, even to these jellyfish on Labour's backbenches.