Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It was nuffin' to do wiv me, guv...

Brown almost cracks today in this Sky News interview with Adam Boulton. Any Labour MP in possession of an attention span longer than three minutes who watches this, will tonight be sharpening his or her dagger for Brown's back on Friday.

Surely it can't be much longer now?

Although perhaps not as obviously funny as the dancing comedian a few weeks ago, you can still watch it and weep with laughter, if you're a seasoned Brown watcher. Though if you don't have the stomach for a whole fifteen minutes of this buck-passing maniac, then skip through to 9:40 where he really starts to lose control, with all sorts of assertions about how nothing is anything to do with him, but how he does know all the reasons behind everything, though he won't reveal how, in a twisted kind of tortological maze which involves throwing your friends quite happily beneath the Bulls of Pamplona, so long as you make it out of the game yourself.

As denverthen says on his blog, look out for the particularly murderous stare right at the end, which made me realise where Brown is going to end up. He's going to play a psychopathic lunatic on either 'Cracker' or 'Taggart'. Check it out:

For more information, visit Denverthen's place.

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