Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unemployment passes 2.5million - highest since 1994

Hang on?

I thought we were having a recovery?

So this is a recovery in which more and more jobs are being lost? Lost me there on that one, guv.

I blame those Tories and Lib Dems.


Matt said...

unemployment is bottoming out. jack, lets face up to reality - its time to sell that gold and get giddy with gilts!!!

hurrah :0

Jack Maturin said...

What, sell my hard real gold for paper crap and inky zeroes, which cost virtually nothing to produce?

Actually, you could be right.

Yes, hit me with that ol' gilt spirit, daddy'o! ;-)

I believe in Nick and Dave.

I believe in a King Canute Liberal Nancy Boy hitting me with 'climate change' taxes, because he can stop the waves of the oncoming ice age.

Does not... comput...


Matt said...


the coalition could break down sooner than people think with the upcoming bond crisis. tories would lean in their natural direction and the cleggmeister wouldn't want to make cuts so large and so immediately.

wasn't the lib line something about being straight with the people about the depth of our fiscal situation, but not until next year...


Jack Maturin said...

I'm fat.

But one day I will be thin.

I'll start my diet....

.... Tomorrow!

(Today is too early)

In the meantime, watch through this entire Hoppe video, right through to the end, to get the reason why democratic politicians keep borrowing and borrowing and borrowing...

(especially after 11:50)