Saturday, May 22, 2010

Casey Research - Buy Gold, Silver, and Oil, on the Corrections

The Mogambo Position as seen by Casey Research

Yes, the condensed headline above sounds a lot like the advice promulgated by the Mogambo Guru, but Casey Research put it in a much subtler way, e.g.:
"Even so, a portfolio whose core is heavy with cash against near-term deflation and that gives you the flexibility to buy tangible assets when they get cheap… bolstered by a solid position in gold to ward off the effects of an all-but-certain future inflation, and a winner in crisis as well… and which focuses on a slow build of shares in high-quality precious metals and energy companies… should pretty much get you through any conceivable scenario that may come to pass."
"If you agree with our analysis that says inflation is inevitable and that fiat currencies will sooner or later be taken off life support, then scary drops become great buying opportunities. Imagine if you had bought during that waterfall decline in 2008; you could’ve paid less than $9 for an ounce of silver. That would make the current correction less worrisome. By extension, buying during today’s big downdrafts will give you peace of mind tomorrow when we see another correction at higher levels."
I'm still a Junior Mogambo Ranger, myself, but it is nice to see the same sentiment reflected in bigger words, put forward in a less emotional manner.

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