Saturday, May 22, 2010

UK public borrowing £7bn lower than expected

For two months, AngloAustria has been saying that it is pathetic that the entire UK general election was fought upon the price of £6 billion pounds, which AngloAustria declared to be nothing more than statistical noise.

Gordon Brown (remember him, the man who is now living on a colossal British government pension worth £5 million pounds) fulminated with righteous indignity about evil opposition plans to cut British government spending by the eye-watering and staggering amount of an unholy £6 billion pounds, from a government spending budget of £700 billion pounds. (With £500 billion taken in from tax revenue and about £200 billion taken in from borrowing and quantitative easing.)

However, now that the election bromide season is over, it turns out that statistical noise has been responsible for subtracting £7 billion pounds from the British government's projected spending figures, which is £1 billion more than the sum the entire election was fought over.

Yes, that's right folks. Statistical noise proved more significant than the entire general election campaign.

You really couldn't make it up.

Muppets for rulers? How about muppets for voters. We really are a bunch of idiots for continually being taken in by these shysters. We really do only have ourselves to blame.

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