Sunday, May 30, 2010

Winner of Today's Turkish Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton studies the rather dusty line of his second-place pole start position, today, before the race began, while modelling his new double-stud black earrings - any similarity to a 'Prize Cock' is entirely unintended and purely coincidental

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on winning today's Turkish Grand Prix, despite not being in any way a top man, unlike either Jensten Buttonia or Mark Webmeister.

PS> And congratulations to Mark Webmeister for not murdering Randy Mandy's old boyfriend.


Andrew said...


The earrings are weird.

Jack Maturin said...

He really is a prize cock.

I'm surprised he doesn't drive an M3. Or what is it the prize cocks drive these days, isn't it the M3-equivalent Audi? (No idea what it is.)