Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Wall Street Journal's War On Gold

Uncle Gary gets back on form with his latest musings on gold.

Link to Uncle Gary's free 2009 book mentioned in the above piece:

The Gold Wars

Table of Contents
  • Gold at $10,000?
  • Gold’s Tremendous Leverage
  • Greenspan, the Gold Bug
  • Government Gold Standard: Bait and Switch
  • Two Kinds of Gold Standard
  • If Gold Goes to $3,000
  • Gold at $3,500 by 2010?
  • Gold Is a Political Metal
  • Gold Sales Threatened (Again)
  • Is America’s Gold Gone?
  • Cliche: “Gold Is Just Another Commodity”
  • Cliche: “There Isn’t Enough Gold”
  • Exchange Rates and Gold
  • The Re-Monetization of Gold
  • Gold’s Dust and Dusty Gold

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