Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Failure of Democracy

Let's just take a look at some of these headlines:

=> Coalition government: take cover for the £3,000 tax bombshell

=> David Cameron's coalition is off to a green start

=> Coalition government: outcry over Capital Gain Tax plans

What do you do if you're opposed to paying more taxes and subsidising more corrupt green nonsense? What do you do if you're opposed to anything the 'Glorious Coalition' government does?


You can't do anything. Yes, you might say you could vote UKIP or BNP, but these will always be fringe parties. Perhaps if I actually believed in democracy myself I would be wasting my time in stuffy church halls stuffing envelopes with UKIP literature, but there's really no point. Because whatever you do, the British government always gets back in again.

And here lies its problem. Because the British government has always been very clever at hiding itself behind the skirts of its political puppets, who wave blue, red, and yellow rosettes around every five years, to persuade us that 'things are going to change'.

But now it is very obvious that nothing has changed. And that it is impossible for things to change. However you voted, whatever you did, you have legitimised this dreadful rotten government, which is already stuffed to bursting with cronies fighting over how they can help themselves to the pelf generated by more tax rises.

And they cannot be replaced. The only hope is that they self-destruct (which is likely). However, self-interest could still see them hold themselves together ad infinitum.

But fear ye not, pilgrims. This simply marks another nail in the coffin lid of democracy, as an idea which can be sustained with a straight face. We will see more and more turning their backs on the politicians and refusing to be their playthings. What we are witnessing is the gradual death of democracy as a relevant idea for the future of humanity.

What the Greeks knew, throughout the entire Athenian experiment with democracry, is that mob rule is volatile and dangerous. Which is why they abandoned the experiment so quickly. We should have learned from their mistake. And never toyed with this horrible form of government ever again.

May the next death of democracy be swift. It is happening before our eyes. Let us just hope that more than a handful of us can actually see it, through the lens of all the propaganda our schools shovel into our brains about how marvellous democracy is. Yes, vote against Trident and get a Trident-supporting government in place. Vote for inheritance tax cuts, and get a government in place which hates the wealthy. However you think, whichever way you vote, you get the 'Glorious Coalition'.

The British government has never been so naked. Democracy has never been so visible as a sham.


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