Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cobden Centre's Annual Lecture and Drinks Reception

Toby Baxendale's Cobden Centre, perhaps the second-most Austrian-leaning establishment in the UK, after Maturin Towers, is holding its annual event at the National Liberal Club on the 9th of June (a venue familiar to any regular denizens of any Sean Gabb libertarian conference).

There's an open invitation on the Cobden Centre web site, and if you want to go, you should let the organisers know (details on the web site).

Alas, Maturin Towers has already had its annual drinks reception. This consisted of me sitting out in the garden last weekend, under the last of the apple blossom, with a large gin and tonic and a fine bottle of chilled Gewurztraminer, while my butler barbecued a few slices of Aberdeen Angus.

Though God (and Great Western) willing, you should find me lurking somewhere near the bar (if there is one) at the Cobden Centre's bash. I'll be the one in a tie. I may even go mad this year, and wear the bow tie version, if I can remember how to knot the damn thing.

Chin chin!!

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