Friday, May 14, 2010

David Cameron turns ugly with our constitution

Sir Bufton Huffchester spots the first casualty in the cosy sofa government arrangements of Ant and Dec.

Fear ye not, folks. There are going to be a lot more. And AngloAustria is going to try to bring you all of them.

This government could even prove worse than that of Gordon Brown, because loathe him though I do, and even though he was a stupid Keynesian, he at least believed in what he was doing. He was absolutely dreadfully wrong about everything, and he lied through his teeth at all opportunities, but underneath a foul layer of criminality, hatred, and greed, there did beat a true socialist heart.

Neither of our two current clowns believe in anything other than being the ones in the limousines.

This is going to be ugly.

Though at least the ID cards scheme has gone. I will give them that. But we're going to pay one hell of a price for that particular small mercy. And the ID card scheme has only gone away. It hasn't disappeared into non-existence. It will be back. Perhaps under the cover of a European initiative, especially once this country has to turn to extra-parliamentary measures to eject the repellent EU from these shores.

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