Sunday, May 30, 2010

There is no such thing as 'new' politics

There is only one form of politics and there has only ever been one form of politics.

And that is the use of force by organised thieves to extract pelf from victims and organised arrangements between these thieves to share the take.

Whether these thieves are called bandits, mafiosi, kings, politicians, or statesmen, it is the same game and it always has been the same game.

Whether the semi-contractual arrangements between these self-regarding crooks have been called gang rules, turf laws, kingdoms, democracies, or supranationals, it is still part of the same game.

So will the British press please stop referring to the current form of the same old game being played in the Westminster bubble as 'the new politics'. It is the same old politics of gangs of Westminster thieves playing against each other but needing to organise themselves collectively in various gang formations to extract the most pelf personally for each particular thief at the least possible personal risk to themselves.

If they have to jettison one of the gang members who has been caught dipping his wick and spending his pelf too outrageously, temporarily awakening the brainwashed sheeple to the ongoing and mysterious emptyings of their wallets, then jettisoned he will be, to preserve the future wealth-stealing activities of the rest.

Robert de Niro spent much of Goodfellas going around slaying those who spent the take too visibly. Laws had to go on the meat hook in the back of the freezer truck for the same reason, to preserve the ability of all the other crooks in the Glorious Coalition Crew to go on stealing from us.

It really is as simple as that.

Welcome to Maturin World. Everything is clear.


AL said...

Im trying to calculate how much they are stealing from me... its huge! Income tax, VAT, Inflation et al.. its a wonder i have any money left for myself...

Jack Maturin said...

You don't. It's already been spent on public sector pensions and other unfunded government 'obligations'.