Tuesday, May 18, 2010

UK inflation jumps to 17-month high

Check out the first line of this article in The CoalitionGraph:
Britain's inflation rate jumped more than expected in April to hit a 17-month high, driven by big rises in tax on alcohol and tobacco, as well as women's clothing and food prices.
Why is this jump more than expected?

What exactly did they think £200 billion pounds worth of counterfeiting (a.k.a. quantitative easing) would do? Decrease the price of pork chops?

While we're at it, I wonder what the real rate of price inflation is in Britain? We know what all the doctored government-produced figures are, like the nonsensical CPI figure, which hunts out products which go down in price - like computers - and tries to exclude anything which goes up in price - like housing. But if anyone knows of an accurate 'real' price inflation rate, then I'd be pleased to hear about it.

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