Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are We Blair Yet?

Superb picture telling us everything we need to know about the 'Glorious Coalition'.

HT to BlairSupporter


AL said...

Jack, please tell me that website "Blair for PM" is sarcasm.. i cannot get my head around someone who would want Bliar to still be PM!!! (although we have a double act who are looking more like Bliar every day!)

Jack Maturin said...

Not sure about the site. The CIA still like paying Blair through their backdoor operations, so someone must like him.

Still, it's a great photo montage! ;-)

BlairSupporter said...

If you thought that montage was bad, take a look at this:

Blair was brilliant. These two? FGS.

CIA? Believing Polanski & Harris's little daydreams, are you? What fun. What rubbish.