Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PIIGS Win. Bankers Win. Voters Lose.

Uncle Gary sees through the smoke and fog of inflationary war.

In the meantime, buy physical gold and keep it close, safe, and out of the banking system, preferably in a safe insured depositary (which must be outside of the banking system, to reduce the risk of confiscation).

Or contact someone like Peter Schiff, at Euro Pacific Capital, and have him store gold for you at the Perth Mint in Australia. The further it is away from your government, or other thieves, the better.

Buy whatever form of physical gold attracts the least attention in your jurisdiction. In England, this is capital-gains-tax-free legal-tender gold sovereigns (the Newtonian Pound), which you can get for about 3% over the spot price of bullion gold. (E.g. From Baird and Co.)

You are, I'm afraid, going to need it.

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