Thursday, May 13, 2010

England cruise past Sri Lanka to reach final

Sri Lanka were simply terrible, tonight, in St. Lucia. Bad batting, bad bowling, bad captaincy, and bad fielding.

Or am I being a misanthrope?

Perhaps England were simply too good for another talented side?

Whatever the case, I hope Pakistan beat Australia tomorrow.

We can beat Pakistan, in the final. I just ain't too sure, though, about beating Australia in the final. There's something about England which always raises the fire in the belly of any Australian.

Oh, to heck with it. Bring on Australia. Let's just get the thing done. Surely our South Africans are better than their South Africans?


Paul said...

Cricket I presume? God, you people live like on Mars or something.

Normal citizens of the world watch sumo :-) Go, Baruto! The May tournament is going on now, it will get interesting next week (it lasts for 15 days).

Here is Baruto biggest triumph, defeating yokozuna (top dog) back in January:

Jack Maturin said...

Cricket = Civilisation