Friday, May 14, 2010

British government to make everyone else pay for its mistakes

Instead of sacking the millions of useless parasites and dangerous regulators that make up the Brown client state, the British government is going to make the rest of us keep propping up these voters, so they can continue wasting our wealth and harassing us with their need to find regular victims to justify their salaries.

If you have an economy on its knees, as ours is, the last thing you should do is to keep up your levels of government consumption and to increase taxes to pay for this consumption. Yet that, of course, is what the British government is about to do:

=> Coalition government may have to impose £50bn tax rise

I love the word 'may'. How about changing this headline to:

=> British government will impose a £50bn tax rise to sustain its clients

We need massive tax cuts and massive cuts in government waste consumption spending, so that capital can be moved into production, so we can produce our way out of this mess.

But then, I am forgetting that this is the CoalitionGraph. No doubt, special access to the 'players' in Downing Street will ensure that the CoalitionGraph's writers stay onside for the duration.


Andrew said...

I love the words 'have to' in we didn't want to do it but we had no other option.


Jack Maturin said...

Yes, and because I'm fat, I have to keep eating cream cakes every day, paid for by you, to keep this weight up.

To remove these cream cakes at this delicate time would risk some of my fat cells suffering.