Sunday, May 03, 2009

As Gordon Brown founders, no one knows what’s going on

As well as class warrior Labour MPs claiming that saunas should be built at their second homes on expenses, Gordon Brown has a new master plan to revive his plunging fortunes in a plunging economy, or so says Matthew D'Ancona in the Sunday Labourgraph:

In the speech on crime, I am told, he will develop the controversial idea of the Community Payback Scheme which enables communities to select the actions which offenders are compelled to take to atone for their anti-social behaviour.
Yes, that should have them dancing in the streets: "Hey everyone, I've just lost my job and Labour MPs are being paid to sit in free saunas which will increase their profit when they sell their second homes, but now I'll be able to join a local government committee to approve a deliniated range of actions that will be targeted upon the small percentage of people who the police bother catching for anti-social behaviour, so that when they don't bother turning up for community payback sessions, I'll be able to claim expenses from the council for being a member of the committee that has failed to do anything to them."

Yeah, that's an eye-catching initiative.

Meanwhile, up from the bunker and back here on Planet Earth...

PS> I claimed in a piece below that Gordon Brown would actually be pleased about the potentially lethal existence of Swine Flu fever, to give himself something to crow and posture over (no matter how many people die from it). So what do you make of this quote from D'Ancona's piece:

Those who have spoken to the PM in the past few days report that he is pleased with the Government’s performance on swine flu...
Pleased? I'll bet he's absolutely ecstatic, moving around all of his flu tanks on the battle plan map in the basement of Number 10. Surely there's a Downfall video in there, somewhere?

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