Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hitting the target

So, what are you to do as an NHS Health Trust bureaucrat who is failing to hit the government's target to treat all NHS Accident and Emergency patients within four hours?


You merely lock everyone out of all of your Accident and Emergency clinics until the queue inside the clinic is under four hours. You then let taxpayers in, one at a time, from the horde outside in the rain, so long as this internal clinic waiting time stays under four hours.

Job done. Bonus collected.

In the apocryphal words of Ed Balls, so what if there are urgent trauma patients lying outdoors on trolleys for hours on end, with their angry and hysterical relatives banging on the windows to get them admitted to the back of the four hour queue? That's their problem.

Welcome to the socialist NHS. The Envy of the world.

AngloAustrian Solution: Privatise the entire NHS right now and remove all government financial and regulatory involvement with health care. Could it really be any worse?

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