Friday, May 08, 2009

An Introduction to Revisionism: The Politics of the American Revisionists

Jeff Riggenbach has been narrating too many Murray Rothbard, because not only has he become the modern 'voice' of Uncle Murray, he has imbibed his writing style, too.

In a brilliant essay, Mr Riggenbach analyses the history of the Left and the Right, in European and North American history, and comes to some amazing conclusions about who the modern Left are and who the modern Right are, and where they both came from.

Apparently, I'm still a leftist. A true leftist. Socialists are confused leftists, who have unfortunately succumbed to the methods of the violent collectivist statist right to achieve their original peaceful individualist anarchistic aims of leftism. Which is why they they consider themselves the 'good' guys, but always end up supporting evil (and crooked expense-stealing politicians).

It also explains why former socialists (e.g. Hayek, Block, Hoppe, etc.) become such prominent Austrians, without ever going anywhere near 'nationalism' or 'conservatism'. Austrianism isn't so much moving you in position, but simply clearing your outlook and removing the deadly prism of collectivism from your eyes.

It's certainly an interesting idea.


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