Monday, May 18, 2009

The Hotel Karia Princess

For some strange reason, which I haven't worked out yet, Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe has invited your humble correspondent to the annual conference of the Property and Freedom Society, held on the Aegean, in Turkey, starting this week, at the Hotel Karia Princess.

The plane flies out on Wednesday, and we'll be out there for seven days.

I have absolutely no idea what to expect, except what I have gathered from Sean Gabb's posts about the experience.

As far as I am aware, Dr Gabb is not a full-time Austrian, yet he treats these annual events as something akin to visiting heaven.

So Lord alone knows what I'll make of it.

I only hope I have at least one thing worth saying, if anyone speaks to me, and that if I do dare to open my mouth in a public debate, that I can ask a question worth asking, I don't embarrass myself, and generally that I don't let the English side down. I am also hoping to meet any other English Austrians there, to see if there's more of us than just me and Anonymous.

Yes, two is better than one, but more would be better!

So, in the meantime, will I get a second invitation next year? Well, who knows. I think the best policy will merely be to enjoy this experience first and foremost, and then to let the Gods (i.e. Professor Hoppe) work that one out later.

Just visiting heaven once in a lifetime ought to be enough for most people.

BTW, if you're going, I'll be travelling under a false name to protect the innocent. However, I will be the one in Istanbul airport wearing the Murray Rothbard T-shirt.

(Although this may be one of those rare occasions outside North America, when more than one person is wearing a Murray Rothbard T-shirt within a 500-mile radius, so if you get confused, I'm the one who also looks just like Tom Cruise.)

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