Sunday, May 31, 2009

Democracy: The God of Gravy

MEPs discussing the financial crisis

You may wonder who your MEP is, in the European Parliament. Personally, I have absolutely no idea.

But then it's not surprising that so few of us know who our MEPs are, because except for signing on each morning for their glutinous daily allowances, few MEPs ever bother turning up for work, except to vote on laws they haven't read to stay on their party lists for future elections to this greatest of parasitical gravy train wonder lands.

Yes, Democracy truly is a God that has failed. And increasingly, the people of Europe are beginning to realise it too. Thank the Lord for the nerve of Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe for daring to point out this drastically unpalatable truth.

Christopher Booker has more.


Tom H said...

Good to see Ambrose Evans-Pritchard call for withdrawal from the EU.

Next article: his conversion to the Austrian School...

Jack Maturin said...

Whoah there, Tom.

Don't want to frighten the horses...