Friday, May 08, 2009

Government of clowns

Joanna Lumley, the 'Avenging Gurkha Goddess' rang rings around the bamboozled Phil Woolas, yesterday, who apparently is the current immigration minister, though Maturin Towers used to know him once as a former Students Union bed wetter.

After last week's House of Commons vote, in which Gordon Brown was defeated and which he chose to ignore with his one good eye, five Gurkha veterans yesterday received official government letters telling them to clear off.

Ms Lumley returned to Westminster to corner Phil Woolas and ask the alleged immigration minister to explain himself, especially after she had told Britain yesterday that she 'trusted' Gordon Brown to sort this mess out.

It seems rather odd that the one group of immigrants most of the people of this country welcome with open arms, the Nepalese Gurkha brigade, is the only group of immigrants whom the government wish to refuse entry to?

Yes, we'll take your Somali pirates, Kosovan drugs smugglers, Russian porn masters, Romanian child smugglers, Nigerian mafiosi, Jamaican gang members, and Pakistani Taliban trash, but family-oriented hard-working English speaking heroes, who have risked their lives fighting for the Queen in all the worst hell holes of the world?

No chance.

No. Apparently we need the flotsam and jetsam of the world to become ghettoized welfare bums and government supporting dependants, rather than flag-waving heroes.

Well, Joanna Lumley begs to differ. As does most of the British population.

And let's face it. Who would you rather have as British Prime Minister? Joanna Lumley or Gordon Brown? If such an election were put before the British people tomorrow, I suspect Gordon Brown would get approximately one vote, with 59,999,999 voting for Ms Lumley.

Even as an anarchist I would be voting myself for the fabulous Ms Lumley.


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