Friday, May 29, 2009

What is the Ruling Class?

For a text of the excellent talk given recently by Dr Sean Gabb, at the Property and Freedom Society event in Bodrum, click the link below:

=> What is the Ruling Class?

About 150 years ago the British Communist Party, headed by Karl Marx, consisted of about 50 members. They had a simple labelling technique for targeting the enemy ruling class. Essentially, if you owned any part of the means of production, then you were fair game for the proletariat to attack and destroy.

It is much less easy for the 50 attendees of the Property and Freedom Society to label their own enemy class today, because the modern ruling class is so much more fragmented these days, including people as diverse as Richard Branson, Tony Blair, and Paul Krugman.

What is it that links them all together? Because if we can irrefutably identify them, then our job of running this enemy class out of town will become so much simpler.

My own belief is that if we can directly label these people with an indelible green ink, to make it obvious who is exploiting the rest of us, then we could be as successful as that tiny group of communists were in revolving the entire world order, such that most of the principles of the Communist Manifesto are now established government policy in much of the western world.

Sean Gabb explains all of these difficult issues, and more, in the talk linked to above. It is well worth reading.

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