Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeremy Clarkson and smug people

Good old Jezzer. Always there when you need to attack the smug beardies who want to tell all the rest of us how to live our lives.

If you read his latest piece on Honda's latest 'Hybrid' car, you will see that he doesn't like it. A lot.

Of course, he is also right to say that hybrids will go the way of airships, i.e. into the recycle bins of history.

The future of transport is hydrogen, not as they used it in the Hindenburg, but how they use it in liquid form in Honda's very own Clarity.

What I'm wondering though is what excuse governments will use to massively tax liquid hydrogen, when we've all switched across from gasoline (mostly because of the heavy tax)? I suppose they'll worry about that later, as most governments have absolutely no idea how to cope with their burgeoning welfare and pensions super black holes, never mind how to scrape revenue out of future transport solutions.

But it will be amusing to see how once they have forced us all into liquid hydrogen cars, to escape their theft on gasoline duties, they manage to persuade us to also shell out for that, too, without a major war to introduce the initial high taxes, which then never come down afterwards.

Wars are great for taxes and for bossing people about. Which is why as long as we have government, we will continue to have them.

(BTW, check out the comments on Jezzer's piece. It would appear he hit his target when he was talking about smug conceited beardies.)

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