Sunday, May 17, 2009

Punish Mainstream Politicians, Don’t Vote for Mainstream Parties

Mr Fawkes believes that we should punish UK politicians by not voting for mainstream parties.

The AngloAustrian message is far simpler:

We should punish UK politicians by not voting for any parties, whatsoever.
The only reason 'fringe' parties are not totally corrupt yet, as with their larger brethren, is because they don't hold very great levers of power. Yet.

If these parties (such as the Greens and the UK Independence Party) get any more power in the next few years, we will inevitably see them become more corrupt.

This is the nature of politics. All politicians are to some extent corrupt. The more power they hold, the more corrupt they become.

I could be persuaded to believe that very rare exceptions, such as Ron Paul and Daniel Hannan, are not inherently evil, but I also believe that both of these fine men will hardly argue with the statement that "Politics is the business of evil".

Here's my comment, on Guido's thread:

751 Jack Maturin says: May 17, 2009 at 5:14 pm

> Punish Mainstream Politicians, Don’t Vote for Mainstream Parties

No, Guido.

Punish Mainstream Politicians, Don’t Vote for Any of Them. Period.

Voting for these lizards, any of them, is just a way of legitimizing them.

Imagine if nobody voted in any election. What legitimacy would any of these mafiosoid creeps then have for taxing and regulating the rest of us into propping up the lifestyles of themselves and their friends?

Absolutely none. They would wither and die. And good riddance.

The civil service bureaucracy uses political parties and democratic voting as a fig-leaf for making its tax serfs (i.e. the rest of us) feel like we have some kind of control over our masters.

We must be fools for believing this. There is just one political party. Sometimes its leaders wear red jumpers, sometimes its leaders wear blue jumpers, and conceivably in the future they might wear a mixture of gold or green jumpers. But it makes no real difference which member of the Mafia family we elect. As long as we participate in these Mafia elections, it’s always someone from the Mafia who gets in, and by voting for them, we agree to their rapine and pillage. Why do you think the Soviets and people like Saddam Hussein were so keen to get voters to turn out for them in their sham elections?

And what makes you think that our elections are any less sham?

All politicians are thieves. They are also all immoral, believing that other people can be robbed to the benefit of other people, with the politicians taking a healthy cut of the action. And none of these rats deserve our support. We would all be better off without any of these parasites feeding upon our lives, even the Prince of Light, Daniel Hannan.

Democracy is a God that has failed. The sooner we are rid of it, the better.

But then, as an anarchist, you would expect me to say that! :-)


Tom H said...

Nice work.

I expect you enjoy bearing the cost of multi-millionaire David Cameron's mortgage interest as much as I do.

Jack Maturin said...

C'est mon pleasure.