Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why are we here? Plastic!

Did the environmentalists assassinate George Carlin?

No, perhaps not. But if you watch the video below you'll realise a lot of them will have felt like it. If you listen carefully to the section where he lays into smug white environmentalist liberals you can hear a few smug white environmentalist liberals in the background, getting their yucca thongs in a twist about it.


Anyhow, that's enough waffle from me. Put your ear plugs in for the bits with all the bad language, but make sure you listen to the rest, if you haven't seen this video before. What a shame Mr Carlin couldn't be with us to taunt our enemies for a couple more decades:

BTW, if you want to see an excellent description of democracy, get through to about 1:40 of the following YouTube, to see Mr Carlin's thoughts on the subject. When you've checked that, move through to 5:20 for his thoughts on the growth of the world fascist state. Yes, his later thoughts on theft are a little more flimsy, but let's just gloss over that in our appreciation of this American genius:

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