Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Peter Schiff: Default Vs. Inflation

The Duke reflects on why the Greek bailout may not work and may spread to Spain, and on how the Dollar may be rising against the troubled Euro and Pound, but is still struggling against real money, i.e. gold.

He also talks about the wrongness of the Galbraith economic family, before getting back to the differences between Greece and the US, and how Greek politicians got their country into its current mess by trying to buy votes with benefits paid for with borrowed money. He then explains why the US is not a 'special' nation and will end up on the same hook as the Greeks, either facing high interest rates or facing massive runaway inflation.

So yes, there is a difference. Because the Greeks can't print their own Euros. But if massive runaway inflation is the solution to the problem, then it's a worse problem than the problem it's solving.

Everything, of course makes perfect sense, when explained by the SchiffMeister.

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