Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Parasite plans how to rob even more from everyone and ruin their lives further

Yes, as well as sucking up a pension worth £5 million pounds, the Clunking Fist is going to suck up even more taxpayer pelf at the IMF, while plotting how to rob the world blind through stupid fraudulent climate change levies.

So, no-one votes him in a British prime minister, to get this £5 million pound pension, plus three years at £140,000 a year, and no-one will vote him in to the IMF role next year, when it's Buggins' turn to get the golden tax-free salary of £350,000 a year, paid for from fiat money out of thin air.

And this is after four days of conniving his way to stay as British prime minister, despite coming third in the election.

Yes, he's a real believer in democracy.

And I love him.

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