Monday, May 03, 2010

A Lib-Lab coalition is now the best hope for Labour – and for Britain

The Labourgraph's resident pet idiot, Mary Riddell, thinks Gordon Brown is the man to lead Britain into the next decade.

Rather strangely, I agree with her. Here's my pointless comment:
Jack Maturin on May 03, 2010 at 09:22 PM

The next five years in Britain are going to be appalling. This will be entirely because of the wretched policies of Gordon Brown, and his Keynesian economic program of madness. If a Lib-Lab coalition gets in, it will be great because they won't be able to shuffle the blame off onto someone else.

The terrible thing about the Tories winning, is that the Left will be able to blame them for causing the next five years of horrors.

And a majority of people in this country will be stupid enough to believe them, and probably vote the idiots back in again for another 10 years of economic illiteracy.

So, yes, Mary, for once I agree with you. Let the Marxists get back in again, and let them take the full rap for the mess they have created.

As to everything else, M.Fraser is bang on the money. Respect.
UPDATE: One Labourgraph reader thinks my strategy is high risk:
Tom Norton on May 03, 2010 at 09:31 PM

While I sympathise with this view, it must be regarded as a very high risk one ?
Here is my even more pointless response:
Jack Maturin unmoderated

Tom Norton, 09:31 PM

If Brown and Clegg form a majority coalition, I give them two years before the country completely implodes.

The tax money and the borrowed money will run out. The tax increases they plan will kill all of the growth they need for their 30 year plan to pay off the debt and rising bond yields will cripple the Debt Management Office's ability to raise more borrowing. Emigration will start running at record rates (and the people who leave will be those who used to pay the most tax).

They will turn to the final source of money, the printing press. We will then face devastating inflation. Think £2+ for a litre of fuel, plus 10% inflation and rising. Sterling will collapse, and the public sector unions will be on the streets (as in Greece), begging for what is left of the private sector to be eviscerated for their short-term benefit.

The rising inflation will force the Left to turn off the printing presses or run into hyperinflation. They will then be completely out of money, or will have nothing but worthless money.

The country will collapse and the Left will be dead for 20 years, until the next generation of state-educated buffoons have to re-learn the lesson that socialism cannot calculate and cannot motivate, and must rely on force rather than voluntary action.

At that point, we may then be able to rebuild a country worth living in.

The danger of Cameron winning now (aside from the obvious one that he is a closet socialist), is that even if his heart is really in the right place, he will take all the heat for the horrors to come.

Better to let the heat stay with El Gordo, and Clegg, suffer for two years, and then get a crushing mandate worth listening to. And for those two years, they won't be able to make our lives worse with ID cards and the like, because every day will be a train crash, which will take all of Mandelson's undoubted skill to crisis manage.

As Mervyn King has said, this is an election to lose (and this may be the real Tory strategy - win, but only just, and let a Lib-Lab coalition come together to rule for two years before it all collapses).

Yes, high risk. But better than four years of muddle, and then the Left back in for another generation.

Alternatively, it really will be time to leave.

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