Friday, May 07, 2010

Lampreys fighting over the spoils

Grubby? Unprincipled? Self-interested? Shameless? Unashamed? Breathtaking? Weasel-worded? Flagrant? Conniving? Indecent? Shameful? Disgusting?

Just some of the words you could use about the rotten bloodsuckers in the Westminster Bubble squabbling over the keys to access the public's stolen pelf.

Ah, Democracy in action.


Archie Dean said...

"Restoring trust, blah blah". "New beginning, blah blah". "Voters have spoken, blah blah".

Bercow still in, Balls still in, Mandleson still oozing - the whole foo-in State still in. Infact, shock horror, surprise, surprise, it's same old, same old.

Who in their right mind really expecting anything else?

God it's depressing!!

Next time, I'll not only stay at home, I'll make sure I keep the television switched off as well.

I'm off to find an alternative reality - at least temporarily!!


Jack Maturin said...

The worst of it is, this is all going to happen again within 18 months. Probably.

Ye Gods, I'm glad I'm going to Abu Dhabi tomorrow.