Thursday, May 06, 2010

George Carlin Doesn't vote

I could write a long pointless boring self-regarding diatribe on why voting is pointless. Your vote makes no difference to the vast collective known as the government. Whatever you do, you'll continue to get robbed by these parasites. If your vote did make a difference, then you wouldn't be allowed to do it. And whatever you do, the British government is going to get back in again.

However, you might say to me "If you don't vote, Jack, then you have no right to complain afterwards". Well, I could write an even longer and even more pointless diatribe about that. But why waste your time with that? Why not just watch George Carlin below explain the Maturin Towers viewpoint on the usefulness of voting:


Tom Harrington said...

You must be made of stronger stuff than me.

I'm afraid I yielded to the temptation to scrawl "none of these social democracts" on the ballot paper. Futile yes, but it did feel good.

Jack Maturin said...

Well, the election does provide entertainment value (at one hell of a cost).

I shall be quietly sipping the Port tonight, until the Morley result comes up.

And I shall certainly enjoy it if Balls is castrated.

But as long as we all realise the utter futility of it all, then we're on safe ground.

Tom Harrington said...

Yes, Balls needs to be neutered.

I may cheer even louder if Cameroon-in-Chief Oliver Letwin (West Dorset maj 2461) is given the boot.

Jack Maturin said...

Oh yes, Letwin (the beating heart behind 'sharing the proceeds of growth') would be a particular cancerous parasite we could do without.