Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Do you know Ed Balls?

The cap fits

Obviously, as a devout Rothbardo-Hoppeian I won't be voting in tomorrow's general election here in the UK, because it's pointless. Whoever the mob lets us vote for in the mob's election, the mob will get back in again.

However, I would make two exceptions if I were living in two different mob turfs.

If I lived in Wycombe, about 10 miles away from Maturin Towers, then I would vote for Steve Baker, who may possibly become the British version of Ron Paul in the house of commons. Let us hope he can persuade Johnson and Hannan to form a triumvirate of truth and sense, and avoid falling into the usual fate of the Roman tribunes, which was to simply become another tax-swilling member of the senatorial class after pulling the ladder up.

Secondly, if I lived in Morley, in West Yorkshire, as a good Yorkshireman I would vote for whoever looked likely to kick out Ed Balls, the obnoxious public schoolboy Labour MP, who probably doesn't really know where Morley is, except that it's where his chauffeur drops him every election for a few miserable weeks in the grim North.

Balls is such a revolting turd, that when a constituent told him to his face that she hadn't seen him for a few years (since the last election), he told her back to her face, on camera, that she was wrong. (Just think about that for a minute.)

Yes, it will make no real difference to Britain if Ed Balls is kicked out of the commons from his specially gerrymandered seat, with its built-in 10,000 majority, but if by some miracle he is, then we will at least have had some decent entertainment from the charade, in the best tradition of George Carlin.

So I'll be going to bed tomorrow night after the Wycombe and Morley results. Let's hope they work out well. As to the rest, I really couldn't give a monkeys. (Though I suppose there will be bonus points for every cabinet and shadow cabinet minister that loses their seat, too. Oh, and John Bercow.)

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