Saturday, May 08, 2010

And so, off to Abu Dhabi again...

For some bizarre reason I wasn't frisked this morning by any Hounslow or Slough residents looking for bombs, at Terminal 4 of Heathrow.

Just what is wrong with the British government's profiling programme?

Don't they realise that the ideas of Austrianism are the greatest threat in the world that exists to their hegemony?

I was actually rather cunning, this morning. Every time I have been frisked, which stopped being a joke quite a while ago, it's always been when I've had headphones on.

I reckon the ace psychologists in the British government's brains trust probably reckon that anyone wearing headphones is probably using powerful self-hypnosis tapes to calm themselves while walking through security.

Yes, it is the power of Walter Block podcasts, appearing on radio stations all over Louisiana, that can addle the mind.

So to avoid the impression to my servants (for I pay their wages, despite not wishing to) that I am self-hypnotising myself, I no longer wear any headphones anywhere near 'security', while at airports. No headphones. No frisking.

Seems to be working so far. And even if I'm blowing 'smoke through my ass', as Jack Nicholson so delicately puts it, it makes me feel better to think that I'm outsmarting my servants, in a life-long quest to one day see them all sacked and made to do something useful for a living.

Still, the buggers did make me take my shoes off. You just never know what the fat white bloke in the 'Ludwig von Mises' polo shirt might be concealing in the 5 millimetre tread of his Timberland loafers.

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