Thursday, May 06, 2010

And so, the end is near

Thank God.

Well, at least we've all had fun with Gordon and his senior moment in Rochdale.

And so to the Port, and waiting for the Morley result.

And hoping Letwin gets it in the neck, too.

And any other cabinet ministers or shadow cabinet ministers.

Not that any of them will actually get a real job, of course. Everything all of them do, when booted out of direct expropriation of the taxpayer, will be related to helping themselves to 'public' (i.e. stolen) pelf, in some back-handed way, such as chairing a Quango, working for the EU, or lobbying for a think-tank.

What a bunch of cancerous Hoons.

Roll on the age of honest money, peace, freedom, independence, and prosperity.

May the world be 10,000 Singapores.

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