Sunday, April 04, 2010

The deaths keep coming in Brown's pointless war

Michael Sweeney, 19, the latest to die in Brown's bid to suck up to Obama

Another day, another death. Current total of British dead in this most stupid of inevitably-to-be-lost wars: 279.

So, Gordon, you big Queen. How many more of our people must die in Afghanistan before you finally pull the plug on your pathetic bid to impress the boy Obama with 'Our Resolve'?

Still, there is starting to be some concrete talk of a withdrawal. Ridiculously, this is set for 'four or five years'. So given that we can always multiply or divide anything a politician ever says by three, we could be getting out of there within 18 months. Especially now that the Taliban know we have had our wills broken by their mighty struggle to remove us from their country.

And our withdrawal won't be a moment too soon.

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