Sunday, April 11, 2010

Will someone please tell us the truth?

Janet Daley, of the LabourGraph, usually writes the most astonishingly dreadful conservative party propaganda. However, she is quite readable today, when talking about the general cowardice level of our political masters.


Anonymous said...

Hear Hear - I even cut it out !
I am caught between not voting like you because they are all a bunch of lieing socio-democratic power hungry leeches - and actually believing in the Big Society as a better way forward !
But no ! real change will only come out of the ashes of collapse and despair unfortunately, there is too much inertia & status quo in political circles for them to do it voluntarily themselves ! I'd just like one party to come out and say hey i'd axe the lot and give the power back to the people, we don't need 654 mps 5000 depts and 4 billion quangoes ! Govt should be less than 20% of the economy ! abolish income tax completely !

Jack Maturin said...

Ah, but that's the problem with democracy. When half (or more) of the voting population draw most of their income from all of these departments and quangos, then you are guaranteed to get a continually expanding government, as these people (and anyone else who aspires to get something for nothing) keep voting for more and more tax grabbing.