Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are the Tories trying to lose this election?

It's long been Maturin Towers strategic advice to the Tories that this is an election to lose. Whoever is left holding the can, when the dust settles next week, is going to be plunged into a sterling crisis and hopefully will be forced into making £200 billion pounds worth of cuts to the parasite class, and get these trough-swillers living within our means.

The resulting 'Greek Style' chaos, as all the tax-eaters demand money that doesn't exist to be fed into their maws, will fill the television sets for months, possibly even years.

It seems Mervyn King may agree with our assessment:

=> King: Election winner will be out of power for a generation

There is also the murky story of Sean Gabb's friend in a high place in the Tory Party:

=> “Wait for Us to Fail, Then Vote BNP” The Conservative Hidden Agenda?

Just how deep down does the rabbit hole go, Dorothy?

So here's the Machiavellian plan: Do well enough to be the biggest party, but let the forthcoming Lib/Lab pact swallow itself in Mervyn King's financial trap. When they've done their worst, step forward to take all the prizes in a general election in about two years' time.

Too conspiratorial for you? I can go with that too. Cock-up is always so much more likely than conspiracy, especially when low-life politicians are involved.

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