Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who is Steve Baker?

With Boris Johnson locked up in London and Daniel Hannan locked up in Brussels, I had thought that there was absolutely no hope left for British politics, until either of these men freed themselves up to tackle the monstrous Spend!, Spend!, Spend! machine in Whitehall.

However Maturin Towers has detected a tiny glimmer of the smallest amount of refracted Misesian light in the upcoming political career of Steve Baker, who is currently fighting in High Wycombe as the conservative party candidate, for this safe conservative seat.

This is the link to his Amazon wish list:


If you click through that, you will see the list in the shot above.

Obviously, there's not enough Hoppe, but with Man, Economy, and State appearing twice, it's certainly very interesting.

Is Austrianism on the rise in Britain? As the last best hope for civilisation, we certainly hope so.

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