Wednesday, April 07, 2010

[G = GDP] The idiocy of Gordon Brown unmasked

''The Conservative's policy would take £6 billion out of the economy. That is a huge sum of money to take out of the economy.''

Gordon Brown, April the 7th 2010, talking about the plans of the Conservative party to refuse to institute his planned hike in payroll taxes
Gordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister, really is an ass. He truly believes that when the government doesn't raise taxes and then doesn't spend the proceeds on itself, that the non-spent sum really has been 'lost' to the economy. To him, the government is everything. Anything else that anyone else does is merely a sideshow which he allows to exist merely to raise enough funds to keep the government spending band-wagon rolling.

That £6 billion pounds to plans to help himself to after the election, should he win, could otherwise in no way be spent on anything useful, such as investing in capital equipment or paying private sector people higher salaries, or employing more people in productive industry. Because no doubt every penny of the six billion, if Brown doesn't get it, will be spent on champagne and caviar, by evil capitalists in stove-pipe hats, who will no doubt light up their £100 pound Cuban cigars with £20 pound notes. (And even if it was, surely that would be good for caviar, champagne, and cigar manufacturers.)

In short, every penny not raised in tax is a wasted penny.

Whereas Gordon will spend the money instead on useful things, like the British Potato Council, international aid to the Yemen, and lift attendants for the House of Commons.

We have always known at Maturin Towers that Gordon Brown is an idiot, but this just makes it public for everyone else to see. Even the Keynesian equation C + I + G + X − M = GDP acknowledges that 'G' (Government) can only take money from 'I' (Investment), and that the overall sum is identical whatever you do. Gordon's Marxist equivalent is G = GDP.

Politically he could argue that money spent on 'G' is better than money spent on 'I', but to actually state that 'I' doesn't exist unless 'G' is absolutely maximised, really does tell you everything you need to know about the man.

If he gets any stupider he could even rouse me from my electoral couch of indifference. What an ass.

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