Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mogambo Roundup

Our hero, the Mogambo Guru, has been busy in the last few days:

Saudi Arabia is now exporting more oil to China than it is to the United States. China's oil demands from Saudi Arabia have also doubled in one year. Inducing himself into Super Mogambo Power Overload (SMPO), with glazed doughnuts and coffee, the Mogambo Guru wonders where this is going. With US oil consumption at 22 barrels a year, per person, and Chinese consumption still at only 2.4 barrels per year, per person, he thinks there's still a long way to go yet with his investment strategy based on gold, oil, and silver:

=> 12th April, Catatonic Oil Consumption

His Mogamboness works himself up into a froth of Pure Mogambo Spittle (PMS) in his discussion about Ben Bernanke's thoughts on having a fractional reserve of 0%, to 'avoid distortions in the banking system':

=> 13th April, Fearing the Elimination of Reserve Requirements

(Read the end of point 9 on the Federal Reserve's own web site if the above story sounds too screwy to be believable)

Finally, the Mogambo Guru melts down into a Mogambo Fit Of Outrage (MFOO), after calculating that the Marxist in the White House is currently borrowing $287.70 a week in the name of every U.S. citizen who actually pays taxes. Which is nice:

=> 14th April, US Deficit Spending: A Tough Pill to Swallow

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